Assisting personal guidance system for people with visual impairment

The main goal of the ARGUS project is to develop innovative tools which could help blind and visually impaired people to move around autonomously and confidently. Such tools could also be used by people working in low-visibility and hazardous conditions.

The ARGUS system will consist primarily of a user-friendly portable satellite-based navigation device with acoustic and haptic user interfaces enabling users to obtain a 3D spatial insight of their surrounding environment, and providing continuous assistance to follow a predefined path in urban, rural or natural areas.

ARGUS will act like a "leading climber", providing users with a virtual safety rope guiding them along a track, based on the usage of non-visual interfaces to let the users build and maintain a mental map of the path to be followed.

The system will allow downloading into the device pre-recorded tracks, paths, and points of interest. Once on-route, all what the user has to do is follow the continuous acoustic guidance and instructions provided by the device.

ARGUS system will help visually impaired people to follow paths