Bonifide hustler lyrics

best of Hustler lyrics Bonifide
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Bonifide hustler lyrics
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Bonifide hustler lyrics
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Aug 24, Bonafide Hustler Lyrics: Yeah, I'm a special kind of nigga with mines, y'know? / I grind, I gets my paper, y'knahmean? / Ha ha ha, oh yeah / I'm.

best of Hustler lyrics Bonifide
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Young Buck - Bonafide Hustler Lyrics | MetroLyrics

best of Hustler lyrics Bonifide
Bonifide hustler lyrics
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Bonifide hustler lyrics

Description:Young Buck] I been out here for too long, I deserve to get a bird The fiends know my name now from standin on this curb I got blood on my shirt, and a handful of crack A bunch of lil' niggaz with dime sacks in they backpacks Come and get it we got it, take a trip to the projects You see the police, but we gon' sell our dope regardless You niggaz know me, from fillin up your heron needles I'm connected with them people who don't speak no english We ain't scared of the roll, we just get it and go You see them Tennessee tags nigga you already know I don't trust no ho, that's how T got popped He showed a bitch where his stash was, she told it to the cops Me and Priest had the streets on lock He'd break down the blocks, I'd open up shop around the clock And I ain't gon' stop, so soon as you come home from the pen We at it again, we gettin 'em for ten my nigga [Chorus] - repeat 2X [50] I'm a bonafide hustler [Verse Three: I don't remember That Haitian nigga with the guitar that sing "Gone 'Til November" I do a buck-forty in the rain, hydroplanin Lamborghini Diablo, candy painted Got that hydro burnin, got the burner in the stash Hit the hazards, hit the AC, then it come out the dash If fag-o in the club sonnin, niggaz start dumbin Start shootin and I ain't strapped, fuck it I'm runnin [Chorus] - repeat 2X [50] I'm a bonafide hustler [Verse Two: Crack spots, smoky fiends suckin on that glass dick Now Sham stay askin for a dime for 9 I'll tell you what, I'll hook you up just one last time Customs is comin son is pumpin watch the packs dissolve Singles, C-notes to food stamps, we stackin it all That's that joint what's his name son? Yeah, I'm a special kind of nigga with mines, y'know? Ha ha ha, oh yeah [Chorus: I grind, I gets my paper, y'knahmean?

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